We offer an "truck rental" and a "drop off" catering style. Our food truck can come to you with access to the full menu for a chosen amount of time. If that doesn't float your boat, we can pre make a certain amount of acai bowls and bring them to your location.




Smoothie Bowl Truck Rental - You will have full access to all of our regular bowls (24 oz) and toppings, so this would be a base + 5 toppings. Each bowl would be priced at $10. You are reserving the truck for an allotted amount of time. During this time we will bring the truck to your location and serve for that time. The full menu is available for this catering choice. For order minimums and pricing visit our contact page for inquiries. 









Acai Bowl Truck Rental - This option is also reserving the truck for an allotted amount of time. A 16oz acai bowl with 4 toppings at $10 each is available in this option. If you are looking for a relatively quick catering but still want the Blenz truck experience, this is the choice for you.  For order minimums and pricing visit our contact page for inquiries.





Acai Bowl Drop Off - The quickest option would be to pre-order our acai bowls. We can drop off the amount of bowls ordered with 4 predetermined toppings, topped with a lid and spoon for access at your convenience. These are $10 with no minimum order. There is a $50 delivery fee per 100 bowls for this option. We can drop off in our own coolers but if you have a refrigerator/freezer for us to leave them in, that is preferred.  If you choose this option, we can further discuss the toppings.