University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, AL

We have two locations on campus at the University of Alabama located in the heart of Tuscaloosa.
We have a store front location in the UA Student Center next to Chick Fil A. This is located in the heart of campus and is open Monday through Friday 9am - 7pm. The second store location at UA is in the Witt Rec Center between Presidential 1 & 2 dorms. The Witt location is open during the second part of the day 11am - 8pm Mon - Fri. 
Our mobile location being our original food truck is present on campus five days a week, Monday through Friday. Our truck will rotate to multiple approved locations around the UA campus. To stay up to date with where & what times our truck will be parked on campus, follow our Instagram. (@blenzbowls)
If you have any inquiries regarding this location please email us at